nyghtly Armes now has its own imprint dedicated to the publication of historical fiction and supernatural horror titles that are set against a well-researched medieval backdrop and feature a member of the knightly class as a principal character. All titles are available in trade paperback and eBook formats.

While our audience generally ranges from young adult (ages 14+) to adult, our horror stories are not for the faint of heart--we believe vampires should not sparkle. They are gritty and violent, and the good guys may not always win.

The first Knyghtly Armes title, The Second Great Mortality by Lonnie Colson, was released on 2 May 2016. It is a supernatural horror story set in Gloucestershire in the year 1436.

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Submission Policy

Knyghtly Armes Publishing is not your traditional brick and mortar publisher and therefore cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts or submissions via the contact form.