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Lonnie Colson

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Lonnie Colson

  • The Second Great Mortality

Lonnie Colson lives in Texas with his wife and children. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from West Texas A&M. Lonnie has enjoyed a 20-year career in public service, but his true passion is historical re-enactment. He recently commissioned a suit of fifteenth-century tournament armor with every intention of one day using it in an international jousting competition.

Lonnie cannot say with any certainty when his fascination with knights and armor first began. He grew up watching Arthurian movies such as Gawain and the Green Knight and Excalibur as well as reading Malory and Tennyson. Growing up in small-town Texas, Lonnie’s only outlet was dueling friends with trashcan lids and cane poles. His affinity with horses began at the age of eight or nine when his father bought him a stubborn Welsh pony named Strawberry. He would ride as often as he could convince his mother to saddle his horse.

Lonnie built a tiltyard in his backyard where he practices his knightly skills-at-arms with lance, spear, and sword. When he is not riding, he enjoys providing interactive educational demonstrations to groups ranging from kindergarten classes to high school cooperatives and children’s homes.

The Second Great Mortality is his first full-length work of fiction. Proceeds from the sale of his book will directly contribute to his jousting addiction. Follow Lonnie on Twitter, and for more information please visit the official Lonnie Colson website.


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Meet Lonnie Colson on Sunday, June 12, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Lewisville Half Price Books west of Vista Ridge Mall. Lonnie will sell and sign copies of his recent novel The Second Great Mortality. Books will be sold independently by the author while supplies last.