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Lonnie is selling his complete harness based on the effigy armour of Richard Beauchamp, earl of Warwick (b.1382 - d.1439) found in Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick, England. It was purportedly based upon an Italian export harness by the Missaglia workshops in Milan circa 1454 when the gilt-bronze figure was completed. The cuirass, in particular, is one of the most unique and widely-known examples of Italian armour, with deep, curved channels that arc across the breastplate and plackart. The entire reproduction was crafted by Eric Dubé. Additional examples of his portfolio can be seen at: Armure Dube.

The harness features: armet (lined and padded) with wrapper; pauldrons with gardbrace and stop ribs; complete cuirass with a fauld of four lames and suspended tassets (front, side and rear); guard of the vambrace; gauntlets (lined and padded) and sabatons.

The harness was designed to fit a wearer around 5' 11"- 6’1” tall and having a waist measurement of around 36-38 inches (including arming doublet), but it can be further adjusted within reason. It is constructed of mild steel in multiple gauges to meet International Jousting League requirements (2008).

The Warwick has been used primarily in historical re-enactment and educational demonstrations. It only has some very minor rust marks as well as the normal wear marks along the tops of the cuisses (legs) and joints where the maille and plates rub together. The internal suspension of the fauld was modified in 2014 to better collapse for riding in medieval-styled saddles. The straps on the greaves have been replaced as well as one that supports the left tasset. All other leathers are in their original condition. This was listed for sale a few years ago when Lonnie commissioned a new jousting harness, but the listing was removed very shortly afterwards due to production delays in the replacement armour. The new harness has been completed, so it's time to bid a fond farewell to the Warwick. This is a great opportunity to obtain a complete harness without having to wait 1-3 years in queue and production time.


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