Live Demonstrations

Fostering a love of history in the next generation.

Classroom Demonstrations

Knyghtly Armes seeks to foster a love of history in the next generation. Designed to make history both educational and entertaining, our presentation can be modified to fit your current curriculum. We understand that classes have very limited budgets. Our fees are primarily dependent upon the travel costs associated with reaching your chosen venue.

Do you have follow-up questions that you forgot to bring up? Feel free to contact us even after we have gone. We will be happy to answer your email correspondence.

Workshop Seminars

Unlike some eastern martial arts which have been handed down from generation to generation, knightly combat completely died out for hundreds of years. It has only been in the past few decades that a growing number of historical fighting treatises, primarily from the fifteenth-century, are being re-printed and made available to the public. Much of material in these “fightbooks” is dedicated to armoured combat.

Knightly Armes strives to dispel the many myths and misconceptions long been perpetuated by Hollywood and popular culture. Allow us to demonstrate how properly-fitted armour really works.

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